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IPP has a very definite mission which we constantly remind our staff and members worldwide.We do everything in our power to ensure that the buyer buys with no regret.

This means we must always be unbiased in our advice, diligent in our research, selective when adding property to our portfolio and above all patient with our customers. We must listen carefully and truly understand our customers desire and wishes for an ideal property.

Customers buying overseas

Customers buying overseas are vulnerable and therefore they are naturally nervous. Our mission is to absolutely allay any doubts or concerns a customer may have.

We would rather a customer does not buy than buy a property they would regret. Our reputation is everything and we must protect this with all our ability.

Support for our Partners:

Once you choose to work with IPP I will introduce you to my colleagues who are located in your country of choice. They have the expert local knowledge of our substantial portfolio of property for sale and will hold your hand through the selection process.

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Top Properties

Of The Week

One bedroom apartmentNorth Cyprus

Price £50,000

Apartment \ 60 m2

Studio by the seaNorth Cyprus

Price £31,900

Apartment \ 27 m2

Apartment in Famagusta areaNorth Cyprus

Price £34,950

Apartment \ 38 m2

2 bedroom apartment in ZeytinlikNorth Cyprus

Price £69,500

Apartment \ 62 m2

Apartment by the seaNorth Cyprus

Price £55,000

Apartment \ 53 m2

NC472North Cyprus

Price £33,500

Apartment \ 46 m2

Studio by the seaNorth Cyprus

Price £33,000

Apartment \ 41 m2

NC72North Cyprus

Price £31,900

Apartment \ 30 m2

NC1353North Cyprus

Price £249,000

House \ 227 m2

Traditional VillaNorth Cyprus

Price £219,000

House \ 220 m2

NC1352North Cyprus

Price £219,000

House \ 220 m2

Panoramic view apartmentNorth Cyprus

Price £169,900

Apartment \ 105 m2

NC0226North Cyprus

Price £99,950

Apartment \ 75 m2

NC0227North Cyprus

Price £129,950

Apartment \ 105 m2

NC1113North Cyprus

Price £129,950

Apartment \ 105 m2

NC1317North Cyprus

Price £68,500

Apartment \ 52 m2

NC1330North Cyprus

Price £75,000

Apartment \ 56 m2

NC0151North Cyprus

Price £142,950

Apartment \ 90 m2

NC0207North Cyprus

Price £300,000

House \ 316 m2

NC85North Cyprus

Price £33,500

Apartment \ 42 m2

1 bedroom apartment in MahmutlarTurkey

Price €29,545

Apartment \ 55 m2